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Growing entheogenic, hallucinogenic and psychoactive plants.

Welcome to Plot55.com. We have created a source of information on the cultivation and traditional use of entheogenic plants. It’s like what YotYiam is for gadgets and appliance but this time for plants. These plants have been used for hundreds or thousands of years, every culture from every time has had some form of inebriant, and here are just a few that you can grow at home as a hobby to collect them.

Salvia divinorum at Plot55


In ‘Growing Entheogenic Plants‘ you will find detailed descriptions of the growing requirements of some common entheogens. Also, for those of you who are new to plants in general, we have included sections on general propagating and growing techniques. As time permits, this will also be expanded to include sections on pests and diseases, layering, soil mixtures and grafting, etc.


In ‘Using Entheogenic Plants‘ we describe the historic and traditional methods of using entheogens. We cover various traditional preparation techniques. There is information about the chemical composition of the plants and admixtures, and where appropriate – known dangers are described.


In ‘Books‘ we have listed books relating to the subject of entheogens in one way or another. If we have read the book, a review is given, plus some blurb from the publisher. If available, there will be links to buy these books from Amazon.


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