Using Entheogenic Plants

Learning from the plants of the gods

No discussion of entheogenic plants would be complete without a thorough explanation of the traditional uses and preparations of the plants concerned.

The Entheogens

Disclaimer – Please be warned that some plants are toxic and can be dangerous to ingest, particularly those containing tropanes. Other plants, most notably the Opium Poppy, can be habit forming. Regular use can lead to addiction in a similar way to refined drugs like Heroin and Morphine. Also, some plants are legal to grow, but illegal to harvest, prepare or purify. Even admixtures such as Ayahuasca are probably considered illegal in the UK. Please remember that all plant-drugs can be dangerous when used frivolously. For all these reasons, only concerns itself with describing traditional and historic uses of entheogenic plants, and in no way condones or promotes the use of these plants. will not be held responsible for the results of any actions caused by the use of any of the information contained in this site. does not vouch for the accuracy of any information contained herein. Any practical use of this information is entirely at your own risk. If you die, go mad, get locked up or hospitalized – don’t blame me.