Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines

Jonathan Ott

Plot55 Says

What an absolute gem of a book. Printed on acid-free paper, leather bound and hand stitched by the amazing Leo in Mexico. It comes with its own maroon slipcase and is numbered and signed in Mr. Ott’s very own hand in blue biro.

Open those sensual tan covers and you find a tour de force of information written like only Jonathan Ott can. The attention to detail is phenomenal. The book is a thorough compendium of the use of snuffs in South America. It covers all the usual suspects; tobacco, Virola, Coca, Anadenanthera; and the more unheared of source plants, ash additives and other admixtures that you may have heared of in Ott’s Pharmacotheon or some of Schultes’ works.

As you might expect, Ott gives a detailed account of the historical and ethnobotanical research done into these snuffs; a detailed review of the pharmacology; and yes, autobiographical bioassays too.

This book is rivalled only by Johannes Wilbert’s Tobacco and Shamanism in South America, another detailed look at plant use in South America, this time as the name implies on Tobacco.

There are only two criticisms I have concerning Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines. The first is fairly minor, Ott’s sometimes self-important style can occasionally seem a little pretentious. The second most obvious problem with the book is its amazing scarcity (and by extension, cost). Although it was planned to print 1,092 copies of the first edition(mine is number 91, by the way); far, far fewer were ever produced. So you probably won’t find it on Amazon.

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