Psilocybin Production

Adam Gottlieb

From the Publisher

Most concise, readable book on the art of extracting psilocybin from magic mushrooms. Includes closet production and explains small and large scale production. How to locate magic mushrooms, develop stock for inoculation, cultivate, harvest, and dry ‘shrooms. Explains how mycelium can be grown in inexpensive jars and methods of extracting and using existing cultures to seed new one to create an ongoing farm yielding a regular crop of hallucinogenic mycelium. Suppliers.

From the Back Cover

It is not difficult to cultivate the mycelium of any of the psychoactive mushrooms. The right knowledge, a little equipment, and one mushroom or a few spores is all it takes. Psilocybin Production presents a method of psilocybin production and extraction in clear and simple terms.

Plot55 Says

This is quite a handy little book. Although most of the information it contains can be found on the internet, it is helpful having it all condensed together in a small volume. The one thing that surprised me about this book was the swift shift from explaining the basics to detailed plans of setting up a large scale psilocybin factory in a spare room. Although I have not tried the methods described in this book, they do sound fairly simple to grasp for the novice. As a word of caution, I have been told that some of the information in this book is nonsense.

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