Peyote: And Other Psychoactive Cacti

Adam Gottlieb

Peyote: And Other Psychoactive CactiFrom the Publisher

Classic on peyote and psychoactive cacti growing. Describes obtaining seeds, growing, cloning and grafting, and extracting maximum output of mescaline and other alkaloids. Includes Peyote, San Pedro, Donana and other cacti. Discusses legal aspects with appendix from attorney Richard Glen Boire. List of Suppliers.

From the Back Cover

Peyote has been used ceremonially by the native peoples of the Americas as a spiritual medicine for close to 3,000 years.

Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti is a concise and readable guide to the art of cultivating peyote, San Pedro, and the numerous other entheogenic cacti. In light of the possible extinction of wild peyote, this book is a timely resource for those who feel a responsibility to preserve this sacred medicine.

Plot55 Says

This is a good little guide to the growth and care of specific psychoactive cacti species. The information is straightforeward and practical. As usual for one of Gottlieb’s guides, there is an emphasis on maximising yields and details on purification of product.

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