Divining Ecstasy

Sean Shayan

From the Publisher

For millennia, the secrets of this rare plant have been closely guarded by shamans, sorcerers, and healers high in the mountains of Mexico. Rumored to have magical healing properties, this plant and its extracts have recently been introduced to the West and are legal and readily available.

Salvia divinorum is the most powerful psychoactive substance in the world. Over 100 times the potency of LSD, this plant is being used by Mazatec shamans and laymen alike for divination, healing, meditation and the exploration of consciousness. In this book we take an insightful and provocative look at this ancient plant and its newly discovered properties. This is the first ever comprehensive look at the mystical essence of this magical plant.

Revelations in this amazing new book includes:

  • Salvia divinorum cannot be detected by any current drug tests
  • Where you can obtain Salvia divinorum, and how to grow it in your own home
  • First person accounts of Salvia trips
  • The pioneering work with Salvia done by Albert Hoffman, discoverer of LSD
  • The best methods of ingesting Salvia divinorum
  • And much, much more hard-to-find information on this wonderful plant ally.

Plot55 Says

I have not read this book, but I do worry about the description of the book from Loompanics (the publishers). Describing Salvia divinorum as “the most powerful psychoactive substance in the world” is misleading and incorrect at best, and at worst is likely to cause serious misuse and the inevitable resulting media/social demonisation.

After reading Erowid’s review of this book, I have no intention of handing over hard cash for it.

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