The Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories

Jack B. Nimble

The Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug LaboratoriesFrom the Publisher

This book describes in step-by-step detail how to set up and run a clandestine drug laboratory — without getting caught. Motivated by a heart-felt desire to dispel the abysmal ignorance of the American people regarding “drugs,” the author reveals every aspect of running an illegal drug manufacturing lab.

Jack B. Nimble reveals how to select a location for a clandestine drug laboratory, how to cover your tracks, safety precautions, and when and how to shut down your operation to keep out of the slammer.

The author also discusses how to manufacture your own glassware and other laboratory equipment from everyday items. Also covered are tablets, capsules, and other packaging methods for illegal drugs.

Plot55 Says

This book is pretty good. It describes many useful things like creating your own laboratory apparatus and glassware, construction fume hoods etc. It also describes methods for creating tablets and many safety precautions. Bear in mind that this book does not contain recipes to make drugs. The information in this book would be just as relevant to people planning on extracting or synthesizing legal drugs in their home, as the equipment needed and procedures involved are the same. Some of the tips and information are very useful, and will give you many ideas for labs of your own.

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